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Super Mario Brothers

Mario Maker Playing Your Hard Levels Part 20. In this series I will exactly like to share my new levels i created in super mario maker to the Nintendo Wii U. This is a heads up, I love quite difficult levels, most of the levels I make will probably be expert levels. In case you play and complete the levels that I make, ensure you make a video and tag me inside it. Hopefully you all take pleasure in the Super Mario Bros Nintendo Mario Maker Playing Your Hard Levels. after playing several of Panga Mario Maker levels, I made a decision I love the frustration why these hard levels cause xD We are going to also be playing your levels that you submit, if you submit a hardcore level then it will most likely be a separate super mario maker video the location where the hardest level is going to be played one video during a period. But this video is a little different, in this video I'll be completing a super mario maker speed run with the levels submitted by you all or just random hard levels I encounter.Super Mario Brothers

Hope you all take advantage of the mario speedrun and request more :D

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